To target the market you want to reach. Our listeners are diverse and well educated. Choose the time range of programming to find the shows or time blocks that best reach your market.

To enhance your image. Listeners will know that your business supports community radio. You will be investing in the quality of life in the Antelope Valley. By supporting KFXM you will show that your business cares about the community.


KFXM listeners are loyal. They hear your message in an uncluttered environment, unlike advertisements on commercial radio. When they need a service or product you provide, they remember that you support their favorite radio station and they support you!

You get more than a good feeling from underwriting on KFXM. You can write off underwriting expenses as advertising on your income taxes. Or you can deduct it as a charitable contribution!

For more information, contact:  Chris 661 726-5959
Leave message and we will call you back.
e-mail: kfxmfm (at) kfxm.com

Underwriting is a good way to increase awareness about your business. Messages are 20-30 seconds long.

Who you are.
What you do or what you sell.
Your address, phone number, and email.

Anything about price, discount, sales, deals, etc. ("...for only $10,000!")
"Call," "Come by," "Try," or any call to action ("You got to try new colonic cream!")
Anything that compares or describes quality, no qualitative language, ("We're the best in town!")

Example of Underwriting Announcement:

KFXM is supported in part by the Premium Computer, offering a fine line of new computers and services including repair, technical support and classes on software and hardware. Premium Computer, located at 1234 Larkspur Center, Lancaster, Premium Computer: 661-555-1234.


Drive Time and midday (6AM to 6 PM, M-F) $14.50 per announcement.
Evenings (6 PM to10:00 PM, M-Th) $12 per announcement.
Fri. & Sat. Night Request Shows (7 PM to 9 PM) $12.50 per announcement.
Weekends (6 AM to 10:30 PM) $12 per announcement.
Ride in the Country Show. Sundays (10 AM to Noon) $12.00 per announcement.
Doo-Wop Tower Show, Sundays (7 PM to 9 PM) $12.00 per announcement.
Overnight (10:30 PM - 6:00 AM) $7 per announcement.
Minimum Purchase: 10 announcements.